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Yard sale, see CAWS in action, and more!

CAWS | Community Animal Welfare Society
July 2 & 3, 2010
860 South 600 East
Salt Lake City
9 am to 6 pm both days
See you there!

Luciana (Lucy)
Luciana is a 3 year old Labrador Retriever that was rescued from the Animal Shelter as an alternative to euthanasia. She is spayed, current on vaccines, microchipped, potty trained and has a gentle temperament. She is the ideal well-mannered family pet.
Find out how you can meet all of pets available for adoption at

Metallica (see story at right)
Look at those eyes now! This sweet beauty survived a harsh life in a metal shop before being rescued by a caring CAWS adopter. Now, she is ready to find a loving home to call her own.

Spread the Word About CAWS
Look for creative ways to share info about all the wonderful ways CAWS can help animals in need. Eliza took the opportunity to share her love of CAWS at a Toastmasters event!
"We have a lot of animal lovers at my office. There was a roomful of enthralled people last Friday when a coworker and I did a mock talk show about CAWS for our Toastmasters club. The club members were right with us as I was answering the "host's" questions about
  • the adoption screening process
  • an "adoption gone wrong" and how we always take the cats and dogs back
  • the partnership we have with the shelters to save as many as we can and not get caught up in the "kill/no kill" controversies
  • the need to spay/neuter so as not to add to the problem
"It was gratifying to see a roomful of people nodding and smiling at just the right spots, and showing emotional pain at the parts that are really hard. It was great to spread the word about CAWS and its programs!"

Comet & Cupid
Comet (top) and Cupid almost died last winter when their owners threw them out in the cold. Cupid is shy and startles easily, but she loves being scratched on her head and fighting with the throw rug. Comet loves attention and can be quite, shall we say, attentive when his foster mom works at the computer. This darling pair would prefer to be adopted into a home without a dog.
Read more about these lovable kitties and find out how you can meet all of pets available for adoption at
Help the Animals and Make a Clean Sweep at Home with the CAWS Yard Sale, July 2-3
Mark your calendars and start cleaning out those closets. The annual CAWS yard sale fundraiser will be held July 2 & 3. It's the perfect time to search your home to find "good stuff" you'd like to donate. By supporting the CAWS programs, you'll be clearing out your spaces at home and filling them up with good karma!
Help even more by forwarding this e-mail to your friends and family and encouraging them to clean house as well!
Start gathering the items that you wish to donate to this great CAWS fundraiser, and stay tuned for another e-mail coming soon that will have more details about large-item pick up, drop off times, etc.
Your CAWS Donations at Work: Metallica’s Rescue
Early this spring, CAWS adopter Ambur heard about a stray kitty desperately in need of some TLC and went to its rescue. She found the cat was very ill. Ambur, who is unemployed, offered to foster and asked CAWS to help with the urgent veterinary care. To date, CAWS has helped Ambur cover the costs of three veterinarian visits, and kitty Metallica, so named because she was rescued from a metal shop, has now recovered and been spayed. Ambur shares their story:
"News of a friendly, but homeless, female cat came to me through a friend who works in an industrial area of West Jordan. I inquired about this cat and found that a nice man, Tony, was feeding her scraps, and some metal workers had been letting her live at their shop. The cat had found a hole in the ground where she slept next to some warm pipes. She was filthy and thin and both eyes were so infected and encrusted, I doubt she could even see me.
"I couldn't stop thinking about this poor cat living in such conditions, so I called Tony and asked if I could take the cat with me to try and help her. I drove back to West Jordan with cat carrier in hand in hopes of carrying her out of there. We found her, and I noticed that she was lethargic and, indeed, extremely ill.
"I put Metallica up in my very small bathroom with lots of soft towels to sleep on and a can of food, which she ate with enthusiasm. I knew she needed to get care right away, so the next day I took her to see a CAWS veterinarian. She had a ruthless upper respiratory infection and both eyes were horribly infected. She also was in need of being spayed, but at the time, she was too sick to go through with the surgery. There’s a very good chance she would not have made it without help.
"After three visits to the veterinarian and three different rounds of antibiotics, Metallica began showing much improvement. I came home one evening, opened a can of food and headed to the bathroom. When I opened the door, I was greeted by a sweet face with two healthy-looking emerald green eyes. The kitty that was once so dirty that she was just a sort of patchy gray now had beautiful white legs and markings. As she looked up at me and meowed, a lump formed in my throat, because it was the first time I had seen her eye color. I felt like crying because I was happy and relieved the antibiotics were working.
"Now that Metallica is feeling better, I've had the pleasure of seeing her sweet personality. She is a lover who enjoys curling up in my lap, and she always purrs while I brush her. She is a dear cat and is now healthy and ready for a home of her own."
Metallica is one more example of CAWS in action in the community. After she recovers from her recent spay surgery, she will be available for adoption. Make sure to look for her, and at all of our many animals looking for loving homes, on!
More Recent Examples of What We Do with Your Donations
  • A good samaritan doing trap/neuter/return at a feral site took a cat into her home who had a severely injured eye. CAWS helped her take the cat (also previously spayed as a member of the feral colony) in for surgery to remove the eye. 
  • A woman who had been feeding a stray kitty for a while noticed that the cat had become ill. She called CAWS for help. The kitty has been to the veterinarian for care, and a spay, and the woman who rescued her is now fostering her.
How has a new pet from CAWS changed your life? Share your story! It could show up on our new blog, Happy Tails.
Thanks to Our Adopters, Foster Parents, and Volunteers
Our sincerest gratitude to everyone who made the May Super Adoption a success. CAWS placed five cats and 22 dogs into forever homes. And due to careful planning by CAWS volunteers prior to the event, 13 more cats and 12 dogs were rescued from public shelters at the end of the weekend, giving them a better chance of living long, healthy lives.
The next Super Adoption will be in early September. Please consider contacting us about rescuing and fostering an unadopted shelter cat or dog after the event. You will play a part in a very important and emotionally rewarding finale to the Super Adoption weekend.
Keep Your Pets Safe this Summer
Summertime is the perfect time for barbequing in the backyard, lazing in the hammock, and getting your hands dirty in the garden. In your quest for the perfect landscape, take care to keep your pets safe. Fertilizers, snail bait, pesticides, lawn sprays, and certain plants and mulches can be toxic to our furry friends. Get a wheelbarrow-full of helpful advice from the ASPCA’s Guide to Pet-Safe Gardening.

CAWS - Community Animal Welfare Society
P.O. BOX 17825 • Salt Lake City, UT 84117 • 801.328.4731 • • email:

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