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CAWS | Community Animal Welfare Society
Inseparable Brothers Barathe and Lakai rescued by CAWS.
Dear Friend
C.S. Lewis said, "You play the hand you're dealt…" but what if you receive a seemingly impossible hand? That's where our story begins. Barathe and Lakai are brothers with fur as soft as their dispositions and an exotic appearance that conveys their Bengal heritage.
It's hard not to love these cats and harder still to understand why anyone would abandon them. But that's a heartbreaking reality that happens every day in shelters nationwide.
As one of Utah's oldest animal welfare organizations, the Community Animal Welfare Society, or CAWS, rescues and finds homes for thousands of abandoned animals, many of which are older pets or animals with health issues who need time to recover – time they can't get in a shelter.
When Barathe and Lakai arrived at a local shelter, they should have had the potential of a bright future. With striking good looks and sugary demeanors, they wouldn't have to fight for attention like every sweet yet non-descript black cat that arrives almost daily.
Barathe while in the hospital with a feeding tube.
Instead, they landed in cages with the runny red eyes, sneezing, and congestion that accompany a nasty upper respiratory infection. If that wasn't hard enough, Barathe had a mountain of other medical concerns. 
Shelter staff soon realized that Barathe was blind and depended on his devoted brother Lakai to be his seeing-eye companion. As a result, the boys were considered "special needs." And that's a tough ticket in the system where labels can translate into "unadoptable."
For the Bengal brothers, the first stop was treatment for their severe upper respiratory infection. A thorough exam also revealed that Barathe's blindness was due to detached retinas. Abuse? According to the veterinarian, it was very likely.
Their upper respiratory and breathing soon improved but Barathe still wasn't eating. Could he handle even more adversity? Unfortunately he was then diagnosed with Pancreatitis. That meant a feeding tube and extended hospital stay before a foster home could even be considered. But CAWS caretakers would be right there when he was released from the clinic.The animal spirit is an amazing thing and Barathe has faced every hurdle with an uncommon grace. No one knows what originally happened to Barathe and Lakai, but now they are happy and safe. And for CAWS, it's about creating a climate of healing and a future with just the right home.
Your financial and emotional support helps animals like India get the love and care they need.
At CAWS, we know we can't save them all but we make sure every rescue has more than just reason behind it; every rescue has heart. It's what we believe and what our supporters expect. It's why we open our doors to animals that sometimes need the most help.
When shelter staff entrusts an animal to CAWS, they know we'll make a lifelong promise to care for that cat or dog. Just ask India, a dog adopted from CAWS in 2004. When CAWS recently learned India had ended up in a bad situation, we arranged for her immediate return from California. Your financial and emotional support helps make that kind of commitment possible.
Enter CAWS Cat Adoption Counselor, Jamie Carter. Like other dedicated CAWS volunteers, she knows the harsh reality of rescue. It's urgent and heartbreaking work that takes an unwavering belief that every life is worth the time, energy, and financial commitment necessary.
Jamie volunteers tirelessly and often makes the kind of life and death choices no one wants to make. But in keeping with the CAWS mission, she always makes room for the toughest cases. And that means giving cats like Barathe and Lakai an opportunity to thrive.

From rescue to providing low cost spay/neuter or feral cat assistance, CAWS works to be a strong force in the community. And CAWS operates entirely on donations.
Your caring contributions enable us to be there for animals like Barathe and Lakai. With a holiday gift of just $20, you can help us guarantee the brothers' future while working to change the life stories of even more animals.
Susan Allred
CAWS President
P.S. Life isn't fair but CAWS works hard to bring as much equity as possible to those dealt the difficult hands. And with your continued support, we can keep trying to make life just a little better for Barathe and Lakai and every life we touch. Thank you!

CAWS - Community Animal Welfare Society
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