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CAWS | Community Animal Welfare Society
You Can Help CAWS Create More Happy Endings in 2012!
You, our supporters, helped CAWS make a positive difference in lives of so many animals in 2011. So far this year we have found homes for more than 460 animals, and we are doing more adoptions each week.  And for that we thank you. We’d also like to ask, if you think CAWS offers a valuable service to the community or if a pet adopted from CAWS has enriched your life, that you consider making a donation to help us create even more happy endings in 2012.
A Community of Caring
As a no-kill organization, CAWS is committed to finding a home for every pet and to taking care of every animal that comes to us for as long as it takes, no matter what it takes. With only a handful of volunteers and foster parents, most of whom, just like you, have demanding full-time careers and families to take care of, CAWS continually
  • Saves animals from shelter euthanasia lists and works with the public to foster and place animals into homes
  • Provides animal welfare outreach
  • Provides sliding-income-scale spay/neuter/vaccination program for pets
  • Conducts a successful ongoing foster and adoption program
  • Helps cover the costs of veterinary treatment for ailing animals
  • Coordinates animal transport across the valley or across the country
  • Sets up and staffs or brings pets to adoption events almost every weekend as well as coordinates mid-week adoptions
  • Answers a high volume of inquiries and requests for help
  • Screens applicants and processes applications for adoptions
  • Updates websites/social media and arranges for media coverage of adoptable pets (like us on Facebook!)
  • Handles “ trap, neuter, and release” requests
  • Plans fundraising events such as yard sales and photos with Santa
 It’s a big job for a small organization. And you can help us in a big way. Your tax-deductible gift of any amount, from $10 to $1,000, can help us hit the ground running in the New Year.
Your Support Can Change Lives
A Happy Ending for India 
CAWS recently learned that India, a dog adopted from us in 2004, was in a bad situation in California and needed to get back to our organization.  Her adoptive parents had separated. The wife had moved into an apartment that didn’t accept pets, and, because of his allergies, the husband had banished the loyal, sweet, and playful India to a dark, unheated basement. She was no longer being allowed upstairs in the house and had virtually no human interaction. Going from being a part of a large family of other pets, kids, and owners who loved her to being alone all the time, India was depressed, broken hearted, and starving for attention. Eventually, because of his allergies, the husband threatened to take India to the pound.
As soon as CAWS learned of the situation we immediately stepped in and started arranging to get India back to Salt Lake.  CAWS is committed to each of the animals we save for life, and we will do whatever it takes to ensure they are safe, even seven or more  years after they were originally adopted like India. After a lot of people went above and beyond to help CAWS, our incredible volunteers were able to get India into a new foster home within a matter of days. After being moved first to a veterinary boarding facility where she received heartworm treatment and was allowed to sleep in the veterinarian’s office, Amy, a friend of a CAWS volunteer in California who already owned another dog, offered to take India in.
India stayed in California for a few weeks with Amy and then her husband drove her from California to Winnemuca. Another volunteer, Marcia, met India in Winnemuca and fostered her there for a few days. Marcia then drove her to Wendover where she was met by Angie, who brought her the rest of the way to Salt Lake. After arriving in Salt Lake, Angie's brother, James, took her home and is now fostering her. We are so grateful for the extraordinary efforts everyone involved made on behalf of helping sweet India find a happy ending to a story with a tragic beginning.
An Extraordinary CAWS
On a crisp October day, employees at the West Valley Animal Shelter faced the sad task of euthanizing unwanted animals. But one strong-willed cat survived not one, but two rounds in the gas chamber as well as being tied up in a plastic bag and placed into a cooler.
When word of the story made it to CAWS, we sprang into action. CAWS worked with FOX News to break the story, asking viewers to get involved by contacting legislators and signing petitions to ban gassing in animal shelters. Overnight, Andrea the cat’s story spread across the country, even to the UK, angering animal advocates and shining a light on the harsh reality of the results of animal overpopulation.
Amazingly, Andrea recovered from her ordeal quickly and didn’t appear to suffer any ill after effects. Offers to adopt her poured in. We are happy to report Andrea was adopted into a new home just in time for Christmas. By continuing our work with Fox News, we have also been able to spotlight many more adorable pets and find them forever homes, and we continue to lobby on behalf of homeless animals to ensure they receive humane treatment.
Now in a New Foster Home, India is Ready to be Adopted!
CAWS works tirelessly to ensure the health, happiness, and well-being of any pet that has ever been a part of our organization. CAWS will not only take back any pet adopted from us at any time, we actually require it as part of our adoption contract, if the adopters are unable to keep the pet. And sometimes, that requires extraordinary measures. Read India's story, left.

Andrea's Amazing Tale
As animal lovers, we rejoice with every adoption from CAWS. But unfortunately, there is still so much heartbreak for homeless animals, which is why we advocate for those furry friends who cannot speak for themselves. One incredible CAWS cat spurred a movement to change shelter euthanasia practices. Read Andrea's tale, below right.  
Donate today to help CAWS help improve the lives of all our animals available for adoption. Below are just a few of animals currently waiting for forever homes.





CAWS - Community Animal Welfare Society
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