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Upcoming Events & Updates from CAWS

CAWS | Community Animal Welfare Society
Mandy & Felix
Three years is much too long to live without a permanent place to call their own (see story at right)!
Make sure to visit our Facebook page to see updates about our animals available for adoption and for the latest info about upcoming events!

“I would like to praise your organization for rescuing Luna Rose and providing her with a friendly and loving environment until the right person came along. People ask me why got a Pit Bull, and I simply tell them that Luna chose me. I am so grateful to have her in my life. Thank you for all the work that you do."
Michael Bobela, Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Join friends of CAWS for a fun evenings of shopping, chatting, and our now-traditional iced cat and dog sugar cookies!

Chase is named Chase for a reason: he is a ball chaser extraordinaire! This big all of energy came to us because his family was not able to give him the structure and training he needed. He needs a family that will complete obedience training with him and give him structure, play time, and exercise time. He is a fun, active dog that also does well when crated.

On the road... A big thank you to the many people who helped bring Kiya back to Utah! We are happy to report that this lovable cuddler is enjoying time with a new foster family, but she still needs to find a permanent home (see "'A Long Road Home" at right).

Kudos for CAWS
Steven and Teresa, two CAWS volunteers, recently donated their time money to go to the No More Homeless Pets Conference, which took place October 14–17 in Las Vegas. There were over 1100 participants from all 50 states and 9 countries. In a session at the conference, the founder of Petfinder called out those groups who provided excellent customer service (they had secret adopters contact groups to gauge their service). CAWS was named specifically as a group who provided excellent service. Thank you to everyone at CAWS for always providing the best service possible!

Lovable little PeeWee is so grateful to all of those who donated to help cover expenses for his first surgery. If you would like to donate to help cover his second surgery, please  donate now and designate your funds for PeeWee!  
Please visit our website to see all of the animals available for adoption.
Twice the Love
Mandy & Felix, who have been up for adoption since they were kittens, recently turned three years old. Please help us find these two a home! CAWS volunteer Janita explains:
 Mandy & Felix were so happy when they were rescued in the fall of 2007. Although a bit nervous about their new surroundings after surviving in a feral colony, they quickly showed their appreciation for a warm and comfortable home with plenty of food. They absolutely love each other and are seen snuggling, grooming, and just enjoying one another's attention. They would never want to be separated.
Mandy & Felix cannot understand why nobody has offered them a forever home after years of waiting, showing at adoption events, and wondering when their turn will come. Their sensitive souls are hoping for that one person who will overlook the fact they think a cage is scary and loud noises are startling. If that  special person will take them home, they will show their gratitude by snuggling up while watching television and gazing at him or her appreciatively for being petted. Mandy & Felix would be happy to share a home with other cats; they simply want a loving home where they will be safe and cared for.
 Adoption fee is $80 for both cats. They are spayed/neutered, microchipped, and vaccinated. For more information go to or e-mail
Upcoming Fundraising (and FUN!) Events
Mark your calendars! CAWS is going to be very busy in the coming weeks.
Wed, December 1
5 to 8 p.m.
CAWS Community Shopping Night at Ten Thousand Villages
Start working on your gift list! You can get all of your holiday shopping done and give the CAWS animals a much-needed financial gift at the same time .Select from beautiful crafts and delicacies made by artisans from around the world; a generous 15% of sales made during the event will go directly to CAWS.
Ten Thousand Villages is located at 1941 S. 1100 E. There is easy parking directly to the south.
Sat and Sun, December 11 & 12 and 18 & 19
11 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Your Pet's Photos with Santa at PetSmart 
Capture the memories of this magical season with a photo of your precious pets. Join our wonderful Santa and his CAWS elves at the  PetSmart at 1830 S. 389 W. For only $9.95 ($5 will go to CAWS) you will receive a digital photo and holiday frame.
Sat and Sun, December 4 & 5
December Super Adoption
It's a heartbreaking fact that the local animal shelters are full beyond capacity and are in dire need of new adopters. CAWS, too, is very full. Please help our animals find forever homes this holiday so we can take in more animals from the shelters, especially those who need a little extra help, into our program.
Bring your friends and family to the PetSmart at 1830 S. 389 W. where you might just meet a lovable, furry family member. 
And if you aren't looking for a new pet, please consider volunteering with us for this event. We need people to help with setup and clean up, walking dogs, and greeting folks. Contact us at if you would like to help.
A Long Road Home
CAWS is committed to every animal brought into our program for its lifetime. Sometimes this commitment requires a little extra effort. Many dedicated volunteers from Utah and Colorado recently rallied together to bring one dog back to CAWS after an adoption did not work out.
Kiya is a wire-haired Pointer and Lab mix who had been rescued from a Utah shelter. When the adopter couldn’t keep her, Neila from CAWS and Kiya’s previous foster, DeAnna, coordinated Kiya's journey from Denver back to CAWS in Salt Lake City.
Over the course of a week, these are the people who stepped up and gave generously of their time and resources to bring Kiya home: Andrea from Evergreen Animal Protective League in Denver picked Kiya up from the adopter, boarded her, and then drove her to Grand Junction where they met up with JoLene, an animal advocate, who brought her to Moab, where Kiya was boarded at a veterinary clinic. Then Morgan from the Carbon County Animal Shelter picked her up in Moab and delivered her to Price where Janice, a CAWS volunteer, picked Kiya up. Janice recounts the story:
 When we first met Kiya she was definitely confused and a little stressed. She whined when Morgan left but was okay when we got her in the car. We stopped to eat lunch in a park and let her walk around. She was excited, and we discovered she is VERY strong! Once we had walked around for a while she settled down. At one point she wanted to go with some people who were getting into a truck at the restaurant. She was very anxious and didn't know what to do. On the two-hour ride back to Salt Lake City, she did very well in the car. She is a sweetheart and loves company! When we arrived in Salt Lake, she did not want us to leave her!  She went around to each of us individually—me, my husband, and my two daughters—imploring us with her sad, sweet eyes to take her home. It broke all of our hearts (but we already have plenty of dogs). We were glad to be a part of bringing this dear girl safely back to CAWS. Kiya needs a home where she will have lots of companionship; she has a lot of love to give!
Update on PeeWee
In September, CAWS issued a plea for donations to help cover the costs of two expensive surgeries for one special dog. We are so grateful for your responses! Heartfelt thanks to the many donors who helped PeeWee. Every bit helps. His first surgery went well, and we continue to seek donations on his behalf to cover the costs of his second surgery. Pyper, his foster, provided this update two weeks following the first surgery:
PeeWee's surgery went very well! I took the little guy home the following day and he was in good spirits (despite the fact that his stitches were neon pink). He was pretty tired once we got home, and he slept for a good 24 hours. He has returned to his feisty little self again. It didn't take long. I’ve never seen such a coordinated three-legged dog. After a couple days, PeeWee began to put some weight on his leg. He still favors it, of course, but I caught him running after my other two dogs, Rocco and Max, and he was definitely holding his own. His back is in much better alignment, and his posture has improved.
He is still hesitant about the stairs in my house, but I can't really blame him because they are extra steep. I have to carry him up and down the stairs. He is so used to this that he actually gets ready to hop into my arms when he knows I am going upstairs or downstairs. His next big challenge will be to increase his range of motion in the knee and maybe hop up some stairs.
Thank you all for your help and I will keep you posted on his recovery!

CAWS - Community Animal Welfare Society
P.O. BOX 17825 • Salt Lake City, UT 84117 • 801.328.4731 • • email:

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