Monday, December 21, 2009


Heroic Acts, Heart-Warming Ends

Two CAWS kitties with some serious health challenges got a second chance at life thanks to the heroic acts of many caring individuals. Lucky adopter Holli Hillberg tells the story of her new family members, Ella and Buttercup.

After my beloved cat Hannah passed away, our house was too quiet, so I decided to adopt another cat. I adopted Ella from CAWS. It turned out that Ella had some serious intestinal issues. I never thought I was the type of person who would do well nursing a sick animal. But I had already fallen in love with Ella by the time I realized she was so sick, and there was never a choice of whether I would keep her or not. Fortunately, CAWS was able to help cover some of the costs, as Ella and I visited Dr. Jim Wilson a number of times as he worked to solve her difficulties. It took her months to get well.

Once Ella was healthy, I thought she needed some feline company. I told CAWS that I wanted to adopt a second kitty, but I needed a cat that could be on the same diet as Ella. I found out there was a cat at Dr. Wilson's hospital that might be a good fit for our family.

Freeway got her name because she had been found, severely injured, on the side of a freeway. It is suspected that she was thrown from a car. A caring and brave woman rescued the very banged up kitty whose chin and lip had been 'de-gloved' from a significant impact. She was rail thin and had also recently given birth; her kittens were never recovered. Freeway was taken to Dr. Wilson. Surgery repaired her poor face, but she had developed stomach issues similar to Ella’s. She had been staying at Dr. Wilson's office while they treated her, and CAWS was trying to find a foster home that could ensure her special diet.

My experience of helping Ella heal had been so gratifying that I didn't hesitate to take Freeway home with me. My daughter and I decided Freeway was too sad of a name after all she had been through, so we renamed her Buttercup. After a few days, we introduced Ella and Buttercup. There was some growling and hissing that first day, but once the territory was established, Buttercup and Ella became the best of friends. After a little time and a lot of love, Buttercup decided she could trust us as well, and it’s been true love ever since.

Both Ella and Buttercup are now healthy, happy, and free of medication. It is hard to imagine that both of them would have been euthanized under different circumstances due to their temporary health problems.

Now Buttercup and Ella can usually be found curled up together taking a nap or grooming each other on one of the sunny spots on the bed. They provide our family with so much love, affection, and entertainment that I really can't imagine our lives without them. There is nothing better after a hectic day than to spend some time with a purring cat...or two.

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